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How To Find Fast Internet Speeds in St Louis

How To Find Fast Internet Speeds in St Louis

St. Louis has many things about it that people love. People come here to work, play and live. There are many reasons why this city is popular. However, when you need to have internet service in the city of St. Louis, you need to weigh those options using care.

Living, working and playing in St. Louis has it’s perks. One of the perks is having fast internet service. The question most people ask is, where do you fine the fastest internet service in St.Louis. The internet is such an important part of people’s lives that you need to make sure that you have access to the fastest internet speeds available.

One of the fastest is the AT&T U-verse for St Louis. This U-verse internet service is fast. Using a fast internet speed allows you to have super, fast downloads, move across the web at quick speeds and so much more. Having an internet webpage load quickly is part of life. Often you have a certain amount of things you want to get done and have a certain amount of time to do these things in. Using the highest quality, fast speed internet service you can find is a great idea. However, just having a service that is fat is not enough. The service needs to be fast, efficient and dependable. Perhaps that is why many people love the service offered by AT&T.

At AT&T, they understand that the internet can change everyday. They do their very best to provide a high quality, fast speed internet service experience. They educate their internet sales representatives and partners and the customers about the needs of internet access. This extensive internet knowledge helps to make the World Wide Web experience the best it can be for the clients and customers in the St. Louis area.

Regardless of what goes on in the every changing world of the internet, people who use this high speed internet service can rest assured that they are going to get the highest quality of high speed internet and the high quality internet experience they deserve. It does not matter if you need your high speed internet service for work or leisure time. You need to get high quality, high speed internet service quickly. You owe it to yourself to try this service out and see first hand why so many people are talking about it in a positive light.

If is very easy to use this service. Get in touch with the internet service provider and give them all the required information. Once you do that, they will quickly review your information and answer any questions you have. They will get you the high quality, high speed internet service you need and deserve. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Tidal is still a sinking ship

Tidal: Still a sinking ship

Jay-z has become known as one of the most successful hip hop artists ever. Though his record sales may contribute a small amount to his success, Jay-z’s success has spawned from his ability to make lucrative business investments and decisions. From Roc Nation to the Brooklyn nets Jay-z is seen to have a nose for profitable opportunities. Unfortunately, his success did not follow him with his decision to re-launch Tidal.

Trying his hands in technology, Jay-z acquired Tidal and hoped to lucratively re-launch it. Tidal is music streaming service that would cost customers $19.99 per month.

Tidal is different from its competition in two main ways. The first is the quality of music that it streams. Tidal streams music at 1411 kbps per second which is close to the quality of music received from a CD, while other music apps stream at 96 kbps, 160 kbps or 320 kbps. The second way Tidal differs is the amount of payment that it pays its artist. According to Tidal, 75% of its income will be going towards the artist via their record labels.

Tidal launched on March 30 and by April 21st, the app was ranked at No. 870 on the U.S. most downloaded app list. This number is very disappointing. The following day the app climbed to No. 664 after rumors surfaced that Beyonce and Jay-Z would release an album exclusively on Tidal.

Perhaps Jay-z thought that he would be able to re-launch the app and have it ranked among its competitors Pandora and Spotify, which are currently ranked at the7th and 15th spot of the most downloaded U.S. app. The technology and pros about the app are possibly the reason why it is not finding success along with its competition. For one, do people really need near CD quality sound when streaming audio from their smart devices. Even though the sound quality is higher, this type of streaming will take up more data and if the songs are downloaded they will take up more space. If people are willing to settle for a lesser quality of music when they stream then why try to force them into a higher quality?

It’s great that the artist will receive a bigger cut but unfortunately this will come at the expense of the customer. $19.99 is a bit steep for the everyday music streamer especially when there are apps that offer similar services for $10 cheaper. Most consumers aren’t really concerned about how much musicians are getting paid especially when they feel that the musician or artist is already rich and living a lavish lifestyle.

Water on Mars!

Water on Mars!

There has been speculation for years that the Red planet well all know to be Mars, May indeed have hosted several oceans throughout the planet’s surface. Well our questions have been affirmed, the land rover called curiosity made a very impressive discovery and did not have to dig very deep to get it.

According to the researchers the water in the shallow soil contains a substance compared to salty brine, which is known for hosting life such as those little sea monkeys we all grew up having. The article cited refers to a micro-creature called a Tardigrade, also known as water bears. These creatures can live in very harsh climates and usually are found in mossy damp areas. This salt is called perchlorate, and it is very specific to the mars climate. It seems to help draw out moisture from the planet’s atmosphere as well as lower the freezing point of the water. End results is during the nights the ground underneath is nice and damp but then dries up during the light hours. Researchers suggest that the closer they get to the planets poles the more abundant the water will be due to the heat from the equator mars.

Don’t get your hopes up thought, scientist state that even though this is a huge discovery in space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life, the red planet poses other problems that can’t just be overlooked. Even if an abundance of water was found the high levels of radiation would crush any hopes of human habitable life on the planet without proper equipment. But this doesn’t leave of the possibility of creatures that are used to the radiation or even live off of it (Godzilla).

Seeing these facts makes you wonder if Mars at one point was a habitable planet during our suns earlier years. If so, what happen that caused this red planet to become a barren wasteland full of radiation? Be prepared for more discoveries to unfold here in the near future regarding life on mars. There even has been talk about possibly creating a space station on the planet!